October, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting commenced: 6:10pm

SSOB meeting attendance sign-in was sent around and list was provided to Jay W.

SSOB Board present: Analia B., John D., Robert A, Carolyn F.

PRESIDENT: Keith E. stepped down from position; Earlene S. was nominated by Board; Jay W. volunteered for the position.

  • MOTION 01: To accept Jay W.’s offer to be the club’s President for 2018-2019. (MOTION: Robert A. / 2nd: Sue N. / 13 yes – 1 abs – 0 no)

SECRETARY (Analia B.): Minutes from September 2018 meeting are posted on Facebook.

TREASURER (Sue N., not present): Balances have not changed from September 2018. Previous balances are as follows: : [redacted].  The 50/50 fundraiser raised $28. Sales tax filing is complete. Key for PO Box is in process.

EVENT: Discussion about hosting AHA Homebrew Club Competition in 2019.

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR (John D.): There are six events that are planned for 2018-2019.

  1. Learn To Homebrew Day (3-November, 2018)
    • An experienced brewer with a less experienced brewer.
    • Chairperson is John D. 3 brewers volunteered: Carolyn, Chris, and Sue.
    • Planning a meeting for Sunday or Monday.
  2. December meeting and Christmas Party (8-December, 2018)
    • Need a chairperson and committee.
  3. Off-Flavour Tasting (24-March, 2019)
    • Chairperson is John D.
  4. Big Brew Day (4-May, 2019)
    • Beer brewed for August 2019 events.
    • Need a chairperson; John D. possibly might.
  5. Festivals in August 2019
    • Rob and Keith are planning an AHA competition for Redding Beer Week.
  6. North California Homebrew Festival (NCHF) and Redding Beer and Wine Festival (September 2019)
    • Need chairperson for each event.

CELLAR MASTER (Robert A.): Has 6 samples for the meeting. Updated Facebook post for the Style of the Month.

WEBMASTER (Charles Z.): The website will have ownership more central to the group than a single person (in case of turn-over).

TASTING: Amber Ale by Alaskan Brewing (commercial)

MEMBERSHIP (Carolyn F.): Next meeting new waiver forms will be issued for members to sign. The current waiver forms were lost in the Carr Fire. There will also be guest forms for events and meetings for liability. Memberships are 12-months and are based on start dates.

Discussion on publishing video of SSOB events and demonstrations (how-to). Walter and Tina C. may work on a How-To video. There will need to be a committee to work on this task (John D.).


John D.: Discussion on liability insurance for events through AHA club/group policy. General pricing is $265 for the group (averaged out to about $39/person). Insurance would cover the rest of 2018 year (November to December, then through October 2019). More information will be provided as the next meeting.

STYLE GUIDE: Gordon described the Amber Ale.

TASTING: Amber Ale by Gordon. This beer was based on Fat Tire.


  • Jay W. volunteered for “ownership” of the SSOB jockey box. This would ensure the equipment would be maintained.
  • Carolyn F. brought beer magazines to give away.

Charles Z. mentioned the AHA membership has subscriptions.

Gordon offered a signage donation with SSOB logo.

Bob B. talked about the Redding Beer and Wine Festival.

John D. gave an update on the the 2018 NCHF events.


  • 3rd Place receives a glass.
  • 2nd Place receives a beer and shirt (x-small).
  • 1st Place receives a beer.

TASTING: Amber Ale by Robert A., with hops from the wet-hop Harvest at Meyerhof Farms.

TASTING: Black IPA by Charles and Shanna

TASTING: Nut Brown Ale by Jay W.

TASTING: Hazy DIPA with Herbal Hazer by John D. and Scott A.

EDUCATION TOPIC: Carbonation in the beer.

  • CO2 must be forced.
  • Pressure should be set 12-psa for 3-4 days.
  • “Rock The Baby” method for quick carbonation.
  • Not enough pressure in the keg for sugars in the keg.
  • Tip: ¾ of each bottle to add dextrose.

Next regular club meeting will be on 8-November, 2018 at 6pm in NBS-upstairs.

SSOB Board Meeting will be scheduled prior to November chapter meeting. Date is to be determined and posted on Facebook.

Meeting adjourned 7:45pm